Retro Gaming Advent Calendar – 25th December

December 25th. Christmas Lemmings – Amiga

Oh no !

Lemmings is probably one of the greatest Amiga games ever created, no Amiga owner in existence has not played this game at some point and was so popular even parents were kicking kids off the ‘miggy to have a go. Combining cute graphics, tough logical puzzles and the need for quick reactions it was a perfect venn diagram of game design.

As the final game should be, this was another coverdisk special this time with Amiga Format. ( loved the Amiga coverdisk era. a time that has yet to be matched for getting fun and quirky stuff out to the general public.

So popular was Xmas lemmings, for the next three years further holiday editions were released (Xmas Lemmings ’92 , Holiday Lemmings 93 & 94) with the later ones being commercial releases according to HOL (Click here). So with this final game I wish you all Happy Holidays !

One thought on “Retro Gaming Advent Calendar – 25th December

  • December 26, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Probably the no. 1 testament to the power of gameplay over flashy 3D graphics (although they're perfect as they are too). An excellent choice to finish with. I've really enjoyed this countdown series, thanks.

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