Retro Gaming Advent Calendar – 23nd December

December 23rd. Elve’s Dreamland – Amiga

Now I am a sucker for Jet Set Willy type games, now combine a Jet Set Willy, with Christmas, on an Amiga – well my festive cup runs over!

This is a new Amiga game coming out in 2015 (See here on the english amiga board).

Guys still making games for these old computers deserve a lot of respect, instead of knocking out a mobile game to make a few quid they let passion lead the way and create some great content.

Now I will admit the music hurts my ears on this game, but the graphics are well drawn and cutesy – however it is the level of detail of recreating bits from other games (See creators website here) that is fantastic. Well done, and to those that now tried it give it a whirl this Christmas.

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