Retro Gaming Advent Calendar – 1st December

Hello everybody, this is Chris Foulds writing my first piece for the Amigos. You may only recognise my name if sang out loud by John in the style of a Castrato who has just stood on a nail. Well that’s me !

Anyway I have taken a break from being a Grumpy Old Git Developer and decided to try to share some Christmas joy.

For me, one of the best things about Christmas is the advent calendar, a sweet delicious chocolate behind each day to have with a lovely sugar based drink like a Gingerbread Latte or a White Christmas Hot Chocolate.

But what to do when enjoying this sugary madness ? , well you need a game …. ideally a retro game !

So I am putting together a Retro gaming madness advent calendar, it’s made up from a mixture of systems and I have played them all to rank them in the order of what felt most christmasy but for some unknown reason the best and final ones might all be Amiga related ??

December 1st. Stay frosty 2 : Stay Frostier – Atari 2600

Stay Frosty 2, whilst a newer homebrew 2600 game rather than a retro title as such it’s an excellent Christmas themed game and for me if a console came out in 1977 anything that runs on a cartridge in it is retro enough for me. The game features excellent Christmas music and involves you controlling our hero – Frosty the snow man in trying to collect festive related items whilst avoiding the bad guys that cause you to melt. You have a unique ability to keep jumping in midair which seems to defy all known Snowman physics.

Come back tomorrow to see what is behind the next door.

3 thoughts on “Retro Gaming Advent Calendar – 1st December

  • December 2, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    Ditto! This is definitely ratcheting up my festive spirit-o-meter, thanks. I love the Christmas carols – is the music in 2600 games normally this good, or is it because it's a new release and techniques have moved on so much?

  • December 3, 2016 at 12:21 am

    Glad you like the idea 🙂
    The music is pretty typical of 2600 games, not all have in game though as it was all about space back then.

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