A1200 with MicroBotics RAM card and CD ROM Drive

Arguably the ultimate gaming Amiga, the Amiga 1200. This particular machine looked like chickens had been nesting in it when I picked it up but after a good scrubbing it’s looking good.

It ran as good as gold from the first time I powered it up. There’s a MicroBotics card sitting in the trap door expansion which adds 8Mb of RAM and a maths co-processor (68881). I replaced the dead coin cell battery with a CR2032. With a 240Mb hard drive installed and Workbench 3.9, it’s a very good contender for an installation of WHDLoad and some games.

On the desktop I noticed an icon called MBXRam8 and being curious I opened it and found it disables 4Mb of the 8Mb RAM expansion so the PCMCIA card slot can be used. The PCMCIA card slot will not work if more than 4Mb of the extra RAM is enabled. It’s nice to have an add-on card that supports this switching capability without having to configure a jumper on the card to enable/disable PCMCIA support. Another nice feature; if there’s a card detected in the PCMCIA slot on boot, the extra RAM is automatically disabled therefore enabling the PCMCIA slot.

I plugged in a CD ROM drive which uses a Squirrel SCSI adapter (PCMCIA to 50 pin centronics) and loaded up SuperFrog. Obviously the previous owner kindly installed the drivers. I will put some time into installing the drivers from scratch once I find them.

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