Yet another A2000 – Corrosion Woes

Grrrr – pesky battery spillin’ its guts everywhere

This particular A2000 is not displaying a sausage and I bet you can guess why – well the answer is already in the title so it’s not that difficult. Yep – battery leakage causing corrosion around the CPU area. Interestingly the corrosion did not look too bad at first and the culprit was still attached to the board which I promptly removed and cleaned up the area. I gave the CPU pins a good scrubbing insitu and then proceeded to carefully lift the chip from the socket. As you can see from the photo, some of the pin sockets are so badly corroded they broke out of the plastic package. The CPU socket had to come out of there so I desoldered it and cleaned up the area.

Where did the magic smoke go?
Broken socket pins
All clean

Some of the tracks may be damaged, especially the ones out to the red resistor package top right, but most seem okay. You may have noticed the resistor that the magic smoke has escaped from.

The next job is to fix any broken traces and solder in the new socket when it arrives. I’ll post again with any updates on this.

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