Multi Select ROM Amiga 2000

I was intending on covering my installation of the A590 hard drive add on for the A500 but I don’t seem to have the power supply for it. I’ll look into what’s required to power it up if I can’t find the original power supply.

Moving onto the next Amiga 2000 in the rank. This one is interesting in the fact that it has a multi-boot ROM which allows booting between kickstart v1.3 and v2.04 which will make this a great gaming computer. Back in the dark ages before WHDLoad we had to contend with compatibility issues. I remember when my cousin upgraded to an A600 from his trusty A500 and was very frustrated to find most of his A500 games would not load on his brand new A600.

 Here we have the best of both worlds. There are two ROM chips attached to a board which is plugged into the ROM socket. A switch and a button mounted to a back plate give you access to either ROM. If you want to run software compatible with 1.3 ROMs you select the appropriate switch position and hit the reset button on the back (mounted along with the switch selector), or hit the reset and throw the switch to access the 2.04 ROM.

There is minor corrosion from battery leakage on the board but I chose to leave the CPU in it’s socket considering prior experiences I’ve had when lifting CPUs and with socket pins breaking. I gave the affected area a good scrubbing with IPA and left it at that.

This computer has a 68030 CPU card installed with FPU, RAM and a memory card is installed.

See ya soon with more Amiga 2000 discoveries.

2 thoughts on “Multi Select ROM Amiga 2000

  • October 27, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Those battery leaks are becoming the bane of your existance, i'd imagine. I can understand…I've had to contend with them in both arcade machines and pinballs…they've killed a lot of pcb's over the years.

  • October 27, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    You're not wrong there Aaron, however it looks like I may have got to most of it in time. Do you have any tips on getting rid of all of the green/blue powdery type substance? Isopropyl doesn't move it that well.

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