Time to do battle with more corrosion.

Well I’m starting sound like a stuck record here – yup more corrosion. This time it’s an Amiga 500 Plus. This particular model has a battery on the motherboard to support the real time clock, unlike the Amiga 500 model that generally had the RTC and battery on a 512Kb RAM expansion card that plugged into the trap door slot.

This machine boots and seems to function okay. 2Mb chip RAM installed (1Mb on the motherboard and 1Mb in the trap door). ECS chipset with 68000 CPU. The warranty seals on this were intact and I was loathed to break them but needs must. With the top cover lifted to reveal the keyboard, floppy drive and metal shielding I noticed it looked like something had been nesting in there. It’s mainly just dust and whatnot that’s made it through the ventilation holes. You wouldn’t have thunk it (as Aaron would say), looking from the outside it looks very tidy.

After getting down to the motherboard I noticed some corrosion and I’m glad I got to it when I did. With the corrosion cleaned up it was time to see if it still worked so I assembled and tested. All is going well, in fact I used this machine to test the A590 hard drive after having issues with software failures on another Amiga 500 when installing Civilization. Civilization installed fine on the Amiga 500 Plus with A590 attached.

I intend on ordering a bunch if batteries from Amiga Kit as they seem to be the cheapest I can find of the original type of rechargeable batteries. There are lithium button cell type batteries that can be installed but I like to keep the machines as authentic as possible. There is the risk of the replacement batteries leaking in another 30 years time but if I keep an eye on things it should be fine. One thing to note if you are considering installing a lithium battery in your Amiga is to make sure you install an appropriate diode in the circuit so the Amiga doesn’t try to charge the NON rechargeable lithium battery. Things could get nasty if the diode is not there!

The other thing to do with this machine is to apply PCB lacquer to the damaged areas when I get some.

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