Another interesting Amiga 2000 to check out.

Well after last night’s marathon blog catch up I thought I’d check out another Amiga 2000 tonight. This one is interesting to me because it has various cards installed and it is one that tested fine when I first powered it up last week.

I generally always start by photographing the machine and its card configuration so I know what slots to insert the cards into after removing them. I’m guessing the cards can be installed in any order but I’m not 100% sure. I know with some older PCs the slots can have certain attributes that can be assigned therefore the card placement is important. The cards are photographed when removed to capture any model numbers and branding etc. This is mainly because I am not familiar with the big box Amigas and I’m still finding my way with them and their peripherals. I’ve been perusing any manuals I can lay my hands on and learning heaps.

This particular machine has a couple of RAM cards installed, A2630 with Motorola 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU, AGA-2000E display enhancer, SCSI hard drive board, IDE controller for the CD-ROM and a couple of floppy drives.

68030 CPU Board
Supra RAM Board

SCSI Hard Drive Controller
Microbotics 8UP RAM Card

Upon powering up this machine again I found the mouse was not responding the way it should and this was fixed by wiggling the plug until it came right. I also noticed the machine would not respond correctly after a short time. After pulling all the cards out, I noticed there was some oxidation on the CPU board connector so I cleaned that up and inspected the rest. I re-seated any chip I could easily get to including all the ones on the cards. There had been a lithium battery installed which is okay providing the appropriate diode is installed. The battery was measuring less that 3V and dropping so I removed it. There is very minor battery leakage which needs sorting at some stage soon and I’ll install a battery.

Wings runs great and all seems stable.

My next project may be to check out the A590 hard drive add on for the trusty A500. How I lusted for one of these back in the day.

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