One thought on “Amigos Plays James Pond on a real Amiga 500

  • May 18, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    This is where the magic all began! Cool game as long as you don't play Robocod first. It has the same cutesy charm, witty pop-culture references, puns and catchy music. It's just a shame there's so much water, but then that *is* in the title!

    The Jack Daniels bottle is a nod towards a number of Ian Flemming novels that reveal James Bond was fond of the tipple (as well as his usual Martini, shaken not stirred). Drink it and you go a bit wonky for a few seconds.

    You have to place the dynamite against the bottom of the pillars to blow them up. It takes a tonne of it though.

    It was replaced with an oil canister in the Mega Drive port, though has the same effect when you collect it.

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