Will Willams’ Retro Corner

Listener Will Williams writes:

I wanted to provide an updated pic of the retro corner for the listeners setup section. I’ve got WHDLoad running on the 2000, having the cd-rom makes transferring (relatively) huge amounts of data and applications easy between the modern systems and Amiga. The last planned changes for the 2000 are a scan doubler to replace the aging CRT and a network card for ftp/irc and “maybe” web access. Finally I’ll turn my attention to 500 when the Vampire card gets released.

Looks fantastic Will! I like the way your consoles are displayed and ready for action as well!

One thought on “Will Willams’ Retro Corner

  • May 17, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    A room of two halves! You can travel forwards and back in time 30 years just by taking a step to the left and then one to the right.

    I've been having loads of fun alternatively covering one eye then the other… then I am a weirdo. 😐

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