Danish Amigos listener completes Shadow of the Beast for the first time!

Listener Jakob Schmid writes:

Hey guys.

Having just completed Shadow of the Beast for the Amiga for the first time, I was in an Amiga-mood and found your podcast. Of course, I started with the episode about Shadow of the Beast, and loved the way you described the difficulty of the game. 🙂

I played the game back in ’89 on my brothers Amiga 500, but never got through it. I played it so much that I could mentally run through the entire game from the Plains to the Castle Graveyard, which I only reached a couple of times, only to be brutally clubbed to death by the final boss. I didn’t like using trainers or cheats, so I never saw the end of the game.

Last weekend, in anticipation of the remake coming out for the PS4, I decided to give it another go. I practiced for hours and hours and managed to come up with a strategy for the final area. After that, I felt confident that I could play the game from start to finish.

I do currently own an Amiga 500 and a shady pirated copy of the game from back then – Amiga games piracy was completely rampant in Denmark, where I’m from – but ended up playing the game on the FS-UAE emulator to be able to stream the playthrough to YouTube.

So here is the recording: it took me 27 years, but I finally beat Shadow of the Beast:

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