Amigathon 2020 DPaint Competition!

Thanks to the support of Amiga fans around the world, Amigathon 2020 raised a total of $5,370, smashing last year’s amount and setting a new all-time record! Over the past four years, Amigathon has raised over ten thousand dollars for Make-a-Wish UK and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Donations will be open at until November, so if you didn’t get a chance to contribute, please do so! 

Here are all the DPaint entries!

  • Amigos Logo 16 Colors - Lobsterminator
    Amigos Logo 16 Colors - Lobsterminator
  • Asteroids - 10MARC
    Asteroids - 10MARC
    This is a HAM6 image created on my Amiga 500 with Workbench 1.3 running Photon Paint. The asteroids are from a picture of some stones in someones front yard with a flower growing in the middle of them. I converted the original picture from her iPhone into a HAM6 image, and used Photon Paint to manually cut out the coolest looking stones. The ship is something I created in Photon Paint probably in 1989 or 1990 - I had a fantasy of working on a game back then, but never got further than drawing the ship. I thought the stones looked like neat asteroids, so i combined the images, resized a few rocks, added a starfield and had my ship blast away at the asteroids.
  • Cartman - Steve Rasmussen
    Cartman - Steve Rasmussen
  • DPaint Cyborg - Rod March
    DPaint Cyborg - Rod March
  • Major Black BG5 - Duncan Styles
    Major Black BG5 - Duncan Styles
  • Men of Quality - Pixels at Dawn
    Men of Quality - Pixels at Dawn
  • Nerd Romance - Edvin Helland
    Nerd Romance - Edvin Helland
  • Ninjas - Chris Foulds
    Ninjas - Chris Foulds
  • Priss Asagiri - Pixel Vixen
    Priss Asagiri - Pixel Vixen
  • The Office - Aaron Doughty
    The Office - Aaron Doughty
  • Andy's Rose - Bec 'imjustpickle' Cawthorne
    Andy's Rose - Bec 'imjustpickle' Cawthorne
  • Tron - Eric from Amigalove
    Tron - Eric from Amigalove
    Tron - Eric from Amigalove. Created on an Amiga 3000 in AmigaOS 1.3 using Deluxe Paint III, C= “Pregnant” Mouse, 1084S CRT Monitor. Below is a photo of my screen (hence the curvature of the letterforms). It was done using a palette of only 16 colors. It was a very fun challenge! Creation Video -
  • Woman in Cemetery Under Tree - Mixel
    Woman in Cemetery Under Tree - Mixel
  • Pivnica na Begeju - Levellord
    Pivnica na Begeju - Levellord



And a big Amigos congratulations to Rod March for his winning submission, DPaint Cyborg! 







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