My Challenge To The Amigos Community

I am about to embark on another work trip to South Africa and while I am away (and to give me more time to prepare some other posts) I thought I would prepare a challenge for the Amigos Community. I’m going to challenge everyone to write a list. “Not another list post!”, I can hear it now but this one will be a little different I hope.

I did briefly mention this on the Amigos Discord server but it was effectively drowned by other posts. What I found interesting about making this list myself was looking back at many of the older Amiga games I had never played or forgotten. Many of these have now been added into the Amigos Game Selection Committee (AGSC) suggestion list.

Your list shouldn’t be about listing the most critically acclaimed game for that year. Your list should be your choice – no matter how “wacky”.

My hope is this helps the AGSC find and select some more “hidden gems” like Push-Over – and I know that everyone has something to contribute – but will you?

Rules for this challenge

1. Write a list of your favorite Amiga game from each year between 1985 until 1996.

2. You can only select one game per year. Be ruthless!

3. List the games genre, as well as the publisher and Hall of Light link ID if you know it.

4. Optionally list up to 12 more Amiga games you were forced to leave off of the main list that you also really enjoy.

My Amiga Game of the Year Selections

Archon: The Light and the Dark (Board/Chess Game)  —  Free Fall/Electronic Arts — Hall of Light 3300

The Pawn (Graphical Text Adventure) — Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird — Hall of Light 1022 

Defender of the Crown (Strategy) — Cinemaware — Hall of Light 305

TV Sports Football (Sports) — Cinemaware — Hall of Light 1542

Rainbow Islands (Arcade Platform) — Ocean — Hall of Light 1191

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Sports) — The Bitmap Brothers/Image Works — Hall of Light 2047

Lemmings (Puzzle Arcade) — DMA/Psygnosis — Hall of Light 872

Push-Over (Puzzle) — Red-Rat/Ocean — Hall of Light 1180 

The Chaos Engine (Top Down Shooter) — The Bitmap Brothers/Renegade — Hall of Light 2985

Theme Park (Strategy) — Bullfrog/Electronic Arts — Hall of Light 1372

Odyssey (Platform) — Audiogenic — Hall of Light 2278

Sensible World of Soccer ’96/’97 (Sports) — Sensible Software/Renegade — Hall of Light 1874


12 Other Amiga Games Worth Trying

Dungeon Master (RPG) — FTL/Interplay — Hall of Light 441
Falcon (Flight Simulator) — Spectrum HoloByte — Hall of Light 486
Deflektor (Puzzle) — Gremlin Graphics — Hall of Light 309

Pipe Mania (Puzzle) — Empire Software — Hall of Light 1070

Wings (Arcade Adventure) — Cinemaware — Hall of Light 1723
Dragon Wars (RPG) — Interplay/Electronic Arts — Hall of Light 411

Super Cars 2 (Top Down Racing) — Gremlin Graphics — Hall of Light 2181
Mega Lo Mania (Strategy) — Sensible Software/Image Works — Hall of Light 2437
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight (RPG) — Mindscape — Hall of Light 2509

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Point and Click) — LucasArts/US Gold — Hall of Light 2628
Project-X Special Edition 93 — Team 17 — Hall of Light 1166

.. and for something newer from 2016
Tanks Furry (Strategy) — — Hall of Light 6124


Feel free to post your list in the comments below, I am really keen to read your responses!

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