Amigos Plays – Spitting Image

Hold a chicken in the air
Stick a deckchair up your nose
Buy a jumbo jet
And then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green
Then extract your wisdom teeth
Form a string quartet
And pretend your name is Keith

Welcome to another Amigos Plays! This time out Amigo Chris plays another game from his list of TV Shows that strangely have an Amiga game and finds another that clearly belongs in the ‘i’ve played it so you don’t have to! category.

Stick to the TV show, it’s better

  • Graphics : 88%
  • Sounds : 78%
  • Playability : 59%
  • Excitment : 41%
  • je ne sais quoi : 30%
  • Overall : 59%



oh and one for Spitting Image Fan’s



One thought on “Amigos Plays – Spitting Image

  • May 15, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I used to love the show as a kid even though I had no interest in politics… that says a lot about how entertaining it was. I think part of the appeal was that watching it felt so subversive given it wasn’t intended for us at all. You could pick up a smattering of cultural awareness and pretend you’d become an adult overnight. 😀

    The one noteworthy aspect of the game is Chris Sorrell’s graphics, which are spot on.

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