First Official Amigos Podcast Magazine

Having joined the Amigos team I wanted to find a way to contribute and give something back to all the Amiga fans out there as part of the ‘Amigos’ team.
So I have decided to start a monthly (hopefully) Official Amigos Podcast magazine, which covers content from my huge collection of Amiga magazines; from the same dates. For instance this issue begins by covering two months (November and December 1990) and Issue 2 which is currently being worked on, covers magazines from January 1991. I will attempt to work with the same date method for all future issues. Issue 01 is for December 2016 and the January magazine (Issue 2) will be released before the end of this month.
I will also cover some new items in the magazine such as an interview with John and Aaron, review and news of new release Amiga games, Mega Demos and much more. Of course I am open to adapation and your comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

Looking back it’s hard not to appreciate the technology advancements or ideas at the time which now are ‘normal’ for many of us using just either a smart phone, smart TV or even the recently released advancements such as PS4 VR. ‘Back in the Day’ these would have been futuristic advancements, and rightly so.

Your comments are welcome (good or bad) by email me

Download and enjoy!

Amigos Magazine: Issue 1

First Official Amigos Podcast Magazine!

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