Duncan Styles’ Classic A500+ Setup!

Amigos listener Duncan Styles writes:

I have been going through old photos and found the attached photo of my old Amiga A500+ set up. In the photo you will see an Alfapower Alfa Data hard drive enclosure with (I think) a 320mb drive.  I installed 8mb of ZIP RAM in there too. There is also an IDE CD drive hanging out the back of the Alfa Data. An external floppy.  A Quickjoy Top Star Joystick as well as Quickjoy Megastar Joystick.  There is an Epson Stylus printer which I think was the first of the Stylus range and produced amazing prints (for the time). Small stereo underneath the desk and a portable TV that was replaced by a Viglen monitor with the aid of an EZ-VGA Scandoubler which I remember used to get quite warm and needed extra feet stuck on the back to ensure it was level when connected to the Amiga.

Inside the A500+ there was an M-Tec 68020-i Accelerator which was replaced by a Viper 520-CD which is still in there. I fitted a switch to the back of the A500+ that allowed me to select between v2.04 and v3 (or 3.1) of Kickstart for better game compatibility.

In one issue of CU Amiga magazine there was a how to guide to build your own Midi output box using a Yamaha add on card so I made that too. Last time I set the Amiga up I tried it but sadly it no longer seems to work, shoddy soldering I guess. 

Wow that brings back some great memories. I need another desk so I can set it up again!

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