Amgios – Challenges – Stunt Car Racer – 2:18.40

Last week I stupidly decided to record myself to put out a challenge time on Stunt Car Racer – first track, first race.

My time was 2:26.82

Since then a number of people have taken up the challenge, some even beating me !

These times were

John – 2:30:70

Henrik : 2:27.48

Aaron : 2:24.16

3viss : 2:22.78

and an impressive 2:20.70 by Paul Kitching

Well this would not stand people 🙂 , I needed to reclaim my Stunt Car Racer crown so I just spent the last 45mins perfecting my laps and here is my new time : 2:18.40

Now after remembering the sneaky reverse on the start line trick for faster race times.

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