Some nice framed Amiga mags.

Listener Will Williams writes:

You mentioned Blitz basic on the Skid Marks episode, I recall the original release of that game and Blitz in the UK when I was a lad. If I remember rightly there was a huge push in the Amiga community around Blitz to get home users writing software with it, it felt like it was an effort to bring more developers to the platform. Amiga Format had it on their cover disk one month, it was one of my favorite releases, I have a framed copy of it hanging in the geek cave 🙂

And also hanging on my wall is one of my other favorite editions of AF, the Imagine 2.0 give away on the cover disk. As your guest mentioned 30 – 45 min was an average render time for a simple sphere, and I sure made a lot of those! I was running an A500+ with 2mb ram, 2nd external drive and A570 cdrom (we had cd drives on the amiga before I even saw them on PC’s), man I was craving some extra horse power running Imagine and Vista Pro on that machine.

One thought on “Some nice framed Amiga mags.

  • March 20, 2016 at 12:20 am

    I LOVE the mags mounted on the awesome. I've got a wall of classic comics in a similar way. I didn't have the patience for rendering…I couldn't stand to have the computer on and not be able to mess with it. Amazing about the CD ROM….I never saw a 500 locally with a CDROM. You were very lucky!

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