A Great Success – Amigathon 2018

Today saw the Amigathon 2018 draw to a close after a marathon 24 hours (give or take a couple of hours) of non stop Amiga gaming. This is the 2nd Amigathon, an event spearheaded by dreamkatcha in 2017.

The event raised a stonkingly fantastic $2,748 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, roughly three times lasts years total.


So as John and Aaron crawl off to their beds for a well earned rest (very well done chaps, you took on a big project) lets take a brief recap of the the day’s events.

The basic idea was that Amiga fans donated money and for every $ donated the Amigos would play 1 minute of the donators chosen game. This is the rundown of the schedule and who requested the games:

  • Yo! Joe! (Graham Woebcke)
  • Virocop AGA (Paul Harrington)
  • Chuck Rock 2 (Paul Harrington)
  • Lemmings 2 (SJ Kiernan) (Add 15 Min)
  • “A game a new Amiga owner should play” (mychickennotraw)
  • Lotus 2 (Hassifa) – 2 player, loser gets pie $
  • Deluxe Paint Chat choice, worst picture gets pie $ (Duncan Styles)
  • Silkworm (Duncan Styles)
  • Bubble Bobble (Chris Foulds)
  • Rodland (Chris Foulds)
  • All Terrain Racing (UK Retro Gamer)
  • Hunter (Lobsterminator X)
  • Alpha Waves (Blendo75)
  • Surprise Game (Grave of Monsters) *
  • Robocop 3 (Tapes from the Crypt)
  • Rise of the Dragon (Dazsly)
  • Another World (CreepyDeadBoy)
  • UFO: Enemy Unknown (Chekote)
  • Game of Aaron’s Choice (Hassifa)
  • Game of Boat’s choice – Micro League Wrestling (Hassifa)
  • Stunt Car Racer (Jonas Rullo)
  • Mikro Mortal Tennis (levellord)
  • Superfrog (Gary Hucker)
  • Gods (Gary Hucker)
  • Killer Bees (Steve Rasmussen)
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Zombie
  • Frankenstein
  • Zombie Pacman demo by Scoopex & Tulou
  • Zombi
  • Zombie Apocalypse II
  • Horror Zombies from the Crypt
  • 15 mins of Dynablaster
  • 15 mins of BIP/Biplane Duel
  • 15 mins of Gravity Force 2 (or Gravity Power)
  • 15 mins of Super Skidmarks
  • Worms: The Director’s Cut
  • Lesiure Suit Larry (after Worms if time allows)
  • Jurassic Park (Brutal Barracuda)
  • Sensible World of Soccer (loser gets the pie)
  • Tracker Hero (Lobsterminator X)
  • It came from the Desert (Alan Kebab)
  • Ruff n Tumble (Jason Warnes)
  • Welltris (Brutal Barracuda)
  • Fantasy World Dizzy (Brutal Barracuda)
  • Barbarian (Ultimate Warrior). Boat vs. Aaron. Loser gets pie. (Fat Angus)
  • Spitting Image (Grave of Monsters)
  • Prehistork (John Marshall)
  • Dogs of War (CtrlGreen)
  • Samurai Showdown (Dreamkatcha)
  • Wheel of Fortune (GoldGirl82)
  • Ivan Stewart’s Off-Road (Fat Angus)
  • Panza Kickboxing (Mathieu Perron)
  • Zany Golf
  • North and South
  • Pang
  • Alien Fish Finger (Adam Bradley)
  • Mystery Game (Gary James)
  • 30 Minutes of Amiga Music – Fat Angus (This will actually go around the 6 or 7 timeslot when we’re eating dinner.)
  • Wings (Mike Shawler)
  • The Addams Family (Boatofcar)

That is quite a list and to ensure that there was maximum chance of every chosen game being played a real Amiga A1200 was on site as well as emulators.

Gary James submitted a mystery game request. This turned out to be a very welcome surprise as Gary had actually created an Amiga port of much loved Odyssey 2 title, K.C .Munchkin especially for the Amigathon! Not only did the game play super smoothly you could also activate a special retro graphics mode for a real old school look. At the end of the event the hosts were asked what their stand out moment was and this was it. Thanks Gary!

The event didn’t go totally to plan as during the first half of the Amigathon the Amigos were let down by their modem. Oh no! Keen Amiga fans were kept up to date on the dedicated Discord channel while John sped to Walmart to pick up a replacement modem and Arron and the rest of the team attempted to factory reset the failing modem. A short reprise was achieved when the modem came back up but once again it failed and the only option was to install the shiny new modem. While this was going on a few Discord users were talking about trying to contact the relevant ISP to prompt them into bringing the possibly faulty connection back up and maybe ask for a donation for the trouble. As it turns out, it was the modem. Once replaced the stream was solid for the 2nd half of the event. Well done to the tech bods that got that modem installed and configured so quickly.

Big thanks go to the wonderful sponsors of the event. These were:

  • Retrobench
  • The Retro Hour
  • Papa John’s Pizza ( They kept everyone topped up with LOTS of food )
  • Guru Meditation
  • Amiga Bill
  • Digital Press Videogames

Finally, a HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who watched, took part in the chat and helped to spread the word about the event. The biggest thanks goes to those who donated. You made this event, without you it’s just two guys slowly going cross eyed in front of a monitor for 24 hours.

See you again next year……

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  • July 8, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Wow! What a fantastic achievement, congratulations guys! 🙂

    Nicely summarised too. I’m looking forward to catching up with it all.

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