Ryś MKII Adapter Review

It is always fun when you get your hands on some new hardware, particularly when it’s for a 30 year old machine like the Amiga. Retro 7-Bit manufacture this device in Poland and it will cost around £25.99.


Ryś MKII Adapter Features

The Ryś MKII adapter works with any Amiga in the range, connecting to the 9 pin mouse/joystick ports. The only exception being the A600 which will require an adapter or small extension cable due to space constraints. It provides the Amiga with a single USB port to which you can connect a mouse, joystick, pad or keyboard (also supports USB-PS/2 type keyboards). There is also a version for the C64.

You should only connect the Ryś MKII to the Amiga when the computer is off. The manual doesn’t specifically mention if you can change control devices while the Amiga is on but because it does mention the way in which it indicates mode changes it is assumed that you can.

The device can have it’s firmware updated via USB connection to a PC. The manufacturers provide a downloadable update program and anyone familiar with something like a motherboard bios updater should have no trouble installing the latest and greatest firmware. You will need something pointy such as a paperclip as in order to put the Ryś MKII into its Bootloader mode you will need to hold down a small button while you connect it to the USB. The device will be seen by Windows and its LED indicator will flash continuously to indicate that it is ready to receive the new firmware. Once flashed you can reset the device and remove it from the PC.

RYS Mk2 Adapter Amiga USB

The unit itself is just about dead on 6cm long and unlike the Cyclone RX it is encased.

The device isn’t quite plug and play. When it detects a mouse it will automatically switch to mouse emulation mode. Joysticks and pads are too similar to each other it seems and connecting either of these will automatically put the Ryś MKII into pad mode. If you opt to use a pad then you don’t have to do anything but should you go for a joystick you will have to hold a button combo in order to inform the Ryś MKII of your choice and have it switch to the correct mode. If you then switch to a pad from a joystick another button combo is needed to enable pad mode.

Connecting a keyboard enables certain keys to be used as joystick inputs as you might when using WinUAE. There are 2 pre-defined keymaps and you can switch between them using the F1 and F2 keys.

F1 Keymap

  • A – Left
  • W – Up
  • S – Down
  • D – Right
  • O – Fire
  • P – Fire 2

F2 Keymap

  • Direction via arrow keys
  • W – Fire 1
  • Q – Fire 2

Most people should find one of these options comfortable.

The Ryś MKII will inform you of a mode change with a number of flashes from its single LED. 1 flash for joystick, 2 for pad and 3 for using a pad in mouse emulation mode. You will see 4 flashes when you connect a pad in CD32 emulation mode or when you change mouse modes.

You can adjust the speed of the on screen mouse movement by holding down the small Bootloader button and using the mouse buttons as up and down.

RYS MKII Amiga Plugged In

Ryś MKII Adapter Review Verdict

I’m sorry to say that the Ryś MKII is a little disappointing. The LED indicator was either on or off, no flashing to indicate what mode it was in. I discovered that a wired optical mouse was recognised and worked. Though I wasn’t able to change the mouse pointers speed. Not that I needed to, the standard speed was fine.  The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 I use for my laptop didn’t work. It was this that I was most looking forward to. A tutorial video on the manufacturers website clearly shows a wireless mouse being used. Perhaps my wireless USB stub requires more power than the port can supply as the adapters LED went out or perhaps that simply means the adapter doesn’t know what to do with it.

No luck with a Dualshock 3 or 4 controller either. The LED remained lit for the Dualshock 3 but the controls didn’t function and the Dualshock 4 caused the LED to go out.

Using a USB keyboard also failed. Again, perhaps it was the type of keyboard that caused the issue.

Your experience may differ if you try different pads or wireless mice so while I will recommend the Ryś MKII I caution that you may have to try different devices until you find one that does work. If all you want to do is use a modern, wired mouse then this is excellent.

Please use the comments section below if you have any experience with the Rys MkII and have overcome any of the issues I ran into.

— Update — I have been in contact with Retro 7-Bit to ask if the Dualshock is compatible and they have responded but they don’t know.

— Update 2 — I have now been able to flash update to the latest firmware and can report that my USB keyboard is now working as an emulated joystick. Both key layouts work perfectly. Unfortunately, my USB wireless mouse still won’t work. Therefore my opinion of this adapter has been raised. 

RYS MKII Amiga Keyboard as Joystick
The RYS MKII allowing a USB keyboard to function as a joystick for Amiga games, perfect for any games that don’t have keyboard controls.


2 thoughts on “Ryś MKII Adapter Review

  • July 4, 2018 at 5:35 am

    Look forward to seeing how it turns out when flashed.
    I use a different device to connect PS wired pads to the Amiga that works good – but draws to much power to use two.

    My ideal would be a separate powered box with 2 x DB9 inputs in, switches on the top to say what mode you want to use those inputs in and USB connectors on the back.
    Even better as it has separate power could have Bluetooth.

    Thinking out loud … a box like that but could do other systems like mega drive, master system etc. as well would be worth £50 of anyone’s money.

  • July 4, 2018 at 6:25 am

    Hi Chris, I have a cable on the way. As I mentioned there are three firmware files listed on the manufacturers page. I don’t know which one the device currently has and as it was from a new batch I suspect it is the latest but we shall see.

    I use the Cyclone RX to connect a PS2 pad which works well.

    I like your idea. Wouldn’t be quite as tidy but it would appeal to many more potential customers and as we know, everything is better with Bluetooth.

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