Amigos Podcast Episode 109 – Neuromancer

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One thought on “Amigos Podcast Episode 109 – Neuromancer

  • September 12, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    Finally listened to this one. You mentioned Timothy Leary’s involvement with the video game. And how he was working on another game as well. I actually worked at Interplay in the mid to late 90’s and worked on a multimedia CD that was never finished called “Timothy Leary: In the Garden of Chaos.” It was genre called edu-tainment that was sort of popular when CD drives were first introduced to PCs. Not really a game, but a interactive multimedia “experience”. The premise was you traveled through Leary’s life and got to see video of him and some of his famous friends talk about Timothy Leary.
    Brian Fargo was friends with him as well which explains the Interplay/Leary connection. It was weird and interesting, but ultimately they didn’t think it would have an audience and they cancelled it. He was filmed on green screen so the videos were composited into 3D environments that reflected whatever it was, he was talking about. It was also the last interview he ever gave before passing away. Unfortunately I believe all that footage was lost in the Interplay bankruptcy and the purchase by Vivendi. Nothing to do with Neuromancer, but I thought you might be interested to know about it.

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