Amigos Podcast Episode 104 – Kid Chaos

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3 thoughts on “Amigos Podcast Episode 104 – Kid Chaos

  • September 13, 2017 at 4:32 am

    Good podcast. I actually like a lot this game. You should try cd32 version for bit better graphics with more colors.
    As for my hero, I like his design, his design fit well game plot. He is caveman kidnapped by some mad scientists. I’m sure they try to civilize him, that’s why they give him those modern clothes and simple haircut. He must be strong for who he is, that’s why he look so ridiculous muscular. He also try to escape and he is angry and like spreading destruction, there is not much place to show his personality, but I’m sure there is also not much place in other games.
    Graphic is solid good with those awesome well animated multi-layer backgrounds. Music is awesome, fit’s perfect fast action. Sound effects are ok, they keep good quality.

    You are right, levels are bad designed. This is a game about speed, but it do not works when there is too much precision jumping and hard to avoid traps. You build Your speed too slow. I’m ok with underwater parts, but sure they could add some oxygen counter. Lionheart is better. As for speed You can be invincible if You run fast and press fire or down on pad, Kid will turn into some-kind of tornado – there is extra move. Please read game manual before review, that kind of mistakes leave bad impression (even if You nail most pros and cons right). First levels are fun and fair, but later ones are bad, You receive too much damage and there is not enough time, plus for cons there is that level design that require precision. I hate underground part in first world, I hate second world for how much it require precision, there are traps/spikes You will not see until You hit them. Third level is actually good one. Four and five are too hard to enjoy (but they are looks great).

    As for mini-games they are nice bonus stages, I do not mind them, I only wish You do not have to replay them till You complete them. They should be optional extra stuff that could grant You extra lives and that’s all.

    It’s well coded game, with great graphics and audio, but it lacks production (there is many Amiga games that follow that patch). When You look at old Japanese games You will see that developers sit for a while and make sure design/game-play will work and will be fun. Here I do not see management control. Magnetic Field was full of well talented people and it’s sad, because this game have so much wasted potential.

    Still I like it 🙂 I like to play first two levels just for that smooth felling of speed and addictive parallax background.

  • September 13, 2017 at 5:47 am

    Thanks for your review, Gzegzolka! It’s nice to hear another point of view.

    • September 13, 2017 at 9:23 am

      No problem, I’m sure I have found this blog some time ago when I was searching for LightShock unrealesed games. I have no idea how I lost link to Your site.
      My point of view is not that much different, as I said You have nailed well pros and cons. Everybody can have their own taste. Kid Chaos is example when people make game with great audio and graphics but lacks supervision on gameplay, it is such a shame, this game have so much potential.

      I have never know that main hero was a cat 🙂 How did You get that information? Got any screens? 🙂

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