Nostalgic Nonsense – Episode 1 – HOSTAGES (1988)

I was only 7 when my dad picked me and my brother up from primary school on that fateful day. It was a day like any other, slightly overcast and a little nippy. As we walked up the hill of burning calves as we did everyday on the way home from school my dad muttered some words to me and my brother that shook the very foundations of my existence…

“I’ve got a surprise for you boys at home”.

Okay so it didn’t really shake the very foundations of my existence but what greeted me at home did change my life forever . Upon returning home I was greeted with the beautiful sight that was the Amiga 500 cartoon classics bundle complete with, I didn’t realise until very recently, the 512kb ram upgrade. In fact even after finding out the the cartoon classics bundle came with the upgrade i still didn’t believe it until i went back and looked at games that i used to own, many of them requiring the upgrade so i guess it was included.

Since that very day I have become hooked on video games. Me and my Amiga shared many memories together, one being my first breaking of the law by copying a friends game, another was my mum hearing my first use of the F word, I forget which game caused that but that didn’t go down to well i can tell you. So I wasn’t even 10 but the Amiga was becoming a bad influence, but you know what they say; love is blind.

Anywho, a million lemming deaths later my parents brought me Alcatraz which I loved immensely but i was constantly mocked by the advert on the back of the box, an advert for the game Hostages.

Hostages was one of those (many) games on the Amiga that I always wanted but could never find in the shops. No matter how much i scoured the shelves of various newsagents for Amiga cover disks I could never even find a demo of this thing!

Unfortunately my beloved has long since left me but thanks to the magic of emulation i am finally able to play this game.

This full play through of Hostages has been 20 years in the making. 

I’m BrutalBarracuda and welcome to episode 1 of Nostalgic Nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Nonsense – Episode 1 – HOSTAGES (1988)

  • April 23, 2017 at 1:51 am

    I’m glad you got it running and worked out how to play it properly. This was one of my favourite games in ’88. When Alcatraz came out I was disappointed with it, so I’ve always liked the first one much more. Maybe it depends on the one you played first.

    Good vid. I’ve just noticed a new one, so I’ll go and watch that now.

    • April 23, 2017 at 10:36 am

      Yeah it could be down to the fact I played Alcatraz first, but to be fair i’m a sucker for co-op games. I think that’s why i enjoyed Alcatraz so much. I hope i enjoy all the Amiga games I never got round to playing as much as I enjoyed this one, but I doubt it. Hostages was great fun, especially after i realised how to use the snipers correctly.

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