Paddles for Commodore VIC20/C64 and Amiga.

Just a quick one as curiosity got the better of me after watching the latest podcast so I just had to try my Commodore VIC20/C64 paddles on the Amiga with Arkanoid.

The paddles didn’t work with Arkanoid unfortunately. There could be a couple of issues here. If I have the paddles plugged into the mouse port, I can’t click past the crack screen because the Amiga doesn’t respond to the button press on either paddle, which I assume would be like a mouse click? The mouse pointer doesn’t budge when rotating either paddle either. If the paddles were plugged in to the joystick port, Arkanoid loads but there is no response to the paddles. This may just be that Arkanoid does not support the second mouse/joystick port.

I even tried getting into the game with the mouse connected and then once into the game, swapping the mouse out for the paddles. The only movement here is when clicking one of the paddle buttons which causes the bat to move left slightly with each click.

Maybe if the paddles were plugged into the second port, the one normally used for the joystick and the game supported it, they may work.

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