It’s an Amiga Christmas miracle!

Dan Ryan writes:

Festive greetings Amigos team!

I’m hosting a retro gaming Christmas gathering tomorrow night, with about 10 people heading over to my place to drink beer and play old systems, one of which will of course be the amiga.

So this evening (it’s nearly midnight right now in England) I thought I’d swap out the CF hard for one I’ve loaded up with multiplayer games, however, disaster struck and I snapped off 3 of the IDE pins thanks to my lack of calm and marrow sized fingers (see pics)

However, I had a plan to save the day. It involved a shabby A1200 eBay find I had under the stairs (which contained a ridiculous amount of rolling tobacco and some fragrant green herb looking substance for some reason. Weird). Anyway, 60 minutes later following a motherboard transplant, I’m back up and running again – All CF, Indivision and ACA expansion cards are all back in and working fine. Phew!

The Xmas retro party is back on!!!

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