Episode 70 – Fightin’ Spirit

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One thought on “Episode 70 – Fightin’ Spirit

  • November 28, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Great job guys! You really dug deep to get acquainted with this one and it sounds like you found there's plenty to appreciate. It's certainly a crying shame so many people missed this what with it being released when they'd already cut their losses and moved on from the Amiga.

    Aaron, you echoed my thoughts exactly on how little good info there is out there on Light Shock. As you say, all the best material is in Italian and the translations can be hit or miss if you manage to track down the sources in the first place using English keywords.

    The wiki you mentioned that lists all the chibi related stuff is priceless. It's the resource the Light Shock guys themselves recommend and it actually translates really well. There's nothing out there as comprehensive as that written in English.

    One longplay on YouTube demonstrates a single miniature transformation and the player said he would go back and capture the rest, but mustn't have got round to it, or couldn't pull off the right combo for the others.

    Did you know the UK didn't get a proper release until 2000? I remember one mag review saying something along the lines of "great game, but how the hell do we get hold of it?"

    I was going to transcribe the lyrics for 'Into the Night' though could only decipher half of them even though they're in English. Oh well, some of the best songs are a complete mystery. 😀

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