Who knew Paul Kitching was a scratch golfer?

Resident Amigos Leader Board Club Pro (how’s that for a title?) Paul Kitching wrote in to show off his score cards from World Class Leader Board, as well as his  Okimate 20. I had no idea what that was, so I’m glad he explained:

Then I threw in a pic of my Okimate 20, just for laughs.  I thought you might be interested in seeing one.  It’s a thermal transfer printer, which could print on thermal paper or on normal paper using a wax coated ribbon cartridge to give very good results (when you didn’t rewind it to save money :-/  ), and could also do excellent colour, which I used to print Amiga pics and stick them on my wall :-)”

Check out these scores! After rounds like these, he doesn’t need to drown his sorrows at the 19th hole like Aaron and I do!

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