The Pick Up – Part 2

Today I drove out to a beautiful place in the top of the South Island of New Zealand called Okiwi Bay to pick up the second car load of Amiga goodies from my recent find. Check out the view from the hill above the settlement.

The gear I picked up in this trip mainly consisted of screens, software, books/manuals and peripherals. The poor little Honda never knew what hit it…

I was very pleased to find an A590 Hard Drive for the A500, yet to be tested. The A3000 case is just that, a case only. It goes with one of the A3000s that doesn’t work.

There’s more to come but I won’t get the chance to get out there for a bit. It’s about an hours drive each way from where I work. All that’s remaining are boxes of floppies (copies) and a couple of screens and that’s about it.

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