Sean Courtney’s Amiga Rig

Listener Sean Courtney writes:

Hi, guys. I heard on your show that people are showing you their Amiga rigs. Here’s a picture from 2005 of my Amiga 4000, which Software Hut put in a Power Tower for me (that’s an external SCSI CD rewriter on top, btw), next to the microAmiga1-C, the G3-powered next-gen Amiga that came out a year or two earlier. I was blown away by the size difference…the new Amiga was the size of a shoebox!

Thanks, Sean!

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One thought on “Sean Courtney’s Amiga Rig

  • May 28, 2016 at 12:00 am

    The mini system is a lot like the Shuttle PCs I used to build when miniaturisation was the current 'big' thing.

    The joys of heat dissipation in a tight space! Not that this would be an issue with a G3. That's what lead me to look into the Mini ITX platform… which turned out to be one of my worst PC brainwaves.

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