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Listener and Amigos guest Will Williams writes:

Hi guys,

So I wanted add a quick follow up to our chat about Deluxe Paint. We touched on our experiences with the application back in the day and the productions it was used in. What we didn’t discuss was Deluxe Paints application in contemporary design and game development. I’ve found in my own experiences that the more limiting the toolset, the more creativity can be derived from your environment and in the context of pixel art and in the creation of sprites for retro style games – Deluxe Paint running on an Amiga can still hold it’s own. What is lacking, is incorporating assets generated on an Amiga into a modern workflow, transfer of files between environments or “worlds,” is laborious but the .iff format is still supported by Photoshop, which in turn, can used created modern image formats.

I’ve run numerous modern pixel art packages, including configuring Photoshop CC to produce pixel art and sprites. I found dedicated applications try to mimic the true pixel art working environment and Photoshop but due to it’s shear power and flexibility in Photoshop, it is too easy to deviate from the structure of pure pixel art. Here steps in the Amiga and Deluxe Paint, we have a platform that other applications try to imitate, why not go back to source, to the true essence of the pixel art style and use the Amiga as a modern tool?

In summarizing, if you can find a way to incorporate the Amiga into a modern workflow, whether it’s getting the Amiga onto your local network or running the platform through emulation, the system does still have a place for specific graphic styles, just like how Photoshop hasn’t replaced charcoal and paper.

And to prove I have amended my 90’s pirating ways, I have attached a picture of a legit, boxed copy of Deluxe Paint 3, complete with registration cards 😉

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