Chris Foulds’ Amiga 1200

Amigos listener Chris Folds’ has graciously shared a pic of his Amiga rig. Let’s check it out!

Chris says:

It’s an Amiga 1200, with a A1208 expansion card with 8meg of RAM inside is a 4GB CF drive full of games thanks to WHDLoad.
I also have a PCMCIA / CF card reader for transferring files to it, two Zipsticks, and a Cyclone RX adapter so I can use wired PSX controllers for those longer gaming sessions.

In this picture I have it just hooked in via a SCART cable to a small, cheap Samsung LCD TV.

After messing around with external flicker fixers/scan doublers all with varying levels of quality I have decided to not waste my money any more and put some money to one side to buy an Indivision 1200 card and get lovely DVI out.

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