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Hi Dragonbane,

I’ve used MorphOS in the past on a G4 PowerBook and it worked very well. It gave the ageing computer new life and the OS was fast and resonsive. It feels very Amiga and I was at home with it right away.

If you’d like the desktop to look more like AmigaOS 4, you can download some icon packs and backgrounds and it should look almost the same. 😉

Unfortunately I no longer have the laptop, but I’m considering getting an Apple desktop for MorphOS.

MorphOS is free to try, so if you have a compatible computer, you should give it a go.

Also be sure to check out Dan Wood’s new video about his MorphOS setup:

I’ll let you know if I start using MorphOS again. I must get a another desk in my office to have room for it, hehe.

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