The depraved secret origins of Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt for the SNES (YouTube script)

Check out the video version here

Happy Halloween Amigos, you filthy maggots you. For this evening’s entertainment I’ve prepared a petrifying scene for scene comparison of Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt for the SNES, and the bloodcurdling 1992 Hanna-Barbera cartoon on which it’s based. I trust you’ll have a truly miserable time watching it while I curse your guts to the depths of my rancid, wretched soul.

No, really. That’s it. You’ll see.

What I learnt from uploading this to YouTube is that if you use the keywords, “warning: explicit content contained within – parental guidance strongly recommended” in the video description it’s automatically published as unlisted/private. You can’t switch it to public status until you remove that, and then the usual new video notification email fails to send. Well, you live and learn. 😐

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