The Amiga’s longest games of all time… ever… in the whole, wide world

I’ve already covered the Amiga’s all-time worst value games (based on how quickly they can be completed), so to redress the balance it’s time to unveil the polar opposite award. That is the Amiga’s epic mega-games; the ones offering months of entertainment for the average player, and three or four hours worth even for the pro longplayer following many years of dedicated practice. Wondrous, super-human creatures that they are!

As stated last time round, this isn’t an exact science. I’m comparing completion times from single players in most cases because there aren’t enough longplays of each game available to make calculating an average worthwhile. Videos can be edited or even include extras such as outtakes and alternative endings. ‘How long’s a piece of string?’, springs to mind! You’ll get the gist anyway, and can check out the YouTube video descriptions for the finer details.

My arbitrary cut-off point was a minimum length of three hours, just to keep the number of entries manageable. In cases where multiple longplays of the same game are available (often replays by the same person) I decided to only include the longest video.

So then, in order of magnitude, from enormous to ‘surely a typo?’ let’s dive right in…

rank title time player
43 Bill’s Tomato Game 03:00:12 RickyC
42 Jungle Strike 03:01:41 RickyC
41 Joan of Arc 03:02:55 adalsgaard
40 The Faery Tale Adventure 03:05:33 Ironclaw
39 Flashback 03:07:05 ScHlAuChi
38 Road Rash 03:08:59 RickyC
37 KGB 03:09:43 Retroplay
36 Litil Divil (CD32) 03:09:46 Ironclaw
35 Turrican II 03:11:09 Zeusdaz
34 Cannon Fodder 2 03:20:03 RickyC
33 Elvira II – The Jaws Of Cerberus 03:20:37 Lemm
32 Speris Legacy 03:21:32 ScHlAuChi
31 Valhalla And The Lord Of Infinity 03:26:57 RickyC
30 Transarctica 03:30:10 NightTrapLongplays
29 Syndicate 03:30:35 Eino
28 Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf 03:31:45 RickyC
27 Breathless 03:32:07 Ironclaw
26 Rock ‘n Roll 03:32:24 Lemm
25 Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb 03:34:53 Ironclaw
24 The Colonel’s Bequest 03:35:40 The Mao
23 Cannon Fodder 03:42:37 Al82: Retrogaming & Computing
22 Dungeon Master 03:43:30 CremionisD
21 Chaos Strikes Back 03:43:40 CremionisD
20 Simon the Sorcerer (Amiga CD32) 03:47:11 Al82: Retrogaming & Computing
19 Oh No! More Lemmings 03:48:13 RickyC
18 Cadaver 03:53:11 Lemm
17 All New World Of Lemmings 03:58:25 Lemm
16 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 04:05:16 Ironclaw
15 Darkmere: The Nightmare’s Begun 04:17:33 Lemm
14 Hired Guns 04:19:46 Jimbatron
13 Globdule 04:20:16 Lemm
12 The Legend of Robin Hood 04:24:22 Ironclaw
11 Simon The Sorcerer II 04:31:07 Ironclaw
10 Heimdall 04:34:06 Lemm
9 Benefactor 04:43:09 Lemm
8 Lemmings 2: The Tribes 04:47:07 RickyC
7 Crazy Cars III 04:54:39 Retroplay
6 The Humans 05:34:48 Asbest
5 Wing Commander (CD32) 05:38:17 Mad-Matt
4 Lemmings 06:07:59 RickyC
3 Mr. Nutz 06:12:20 ScHlAuChi
2 Wings 08:22:55 OsaUkko
1 Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis 09:01:43 Ironclaw

So there we have it. Westwood Studios and Ironclaw take a bow. The winning game feels like a bit of a fraud to be honest since Ironclaw has also completed Dune II in 5 hours 47 minutes and says he could even polish it off in an hour if speed-running was the goal. Oh well, I’ve already set the rules and the law of made-up science says they can’t be fudged now without incurring a hefty prison sentence. Maybe even capital punishment.

If money’s tight, but time isn’t, these are the games you’d want to invest in. For those of you with wads of cash and no time, you might like to take a look at any of the ‘interactive movie’ games by Cinematronics. Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace for instance. You could “have a coffee with them” as Aaron would say… and watch the ending credits scroll by before it’s gone cold!*

*Coffee consumption time estimated for comic effect. Not under any circumstances to be taken as a reliable measure of completion duration. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I can’t be held liable for the dwindling numbers of Pacific walruses in The Arctic’s Bering and Chukchi Seas etc. etc.

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