Go-go-gadget mixing desk! He did the mash, the BANANA mash… (YouTube script)

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I received some feedback with regards to my recent Banana Islands video that’s so thorough I thought the best way to address it would be to chuck together a response video. You know, now no-one’s doing them any more and they’ve become retro themselves.

It mostly concerns the music and why I didn’t use any of it from the actual game. I did plan to as I made a point of mentioning it in the commentary, but then realised that to isolate it without the overpowering sound effects I’d need to use an Amiga Workbench-based tool like Jack the Ripper as this game gets so little attention it hasn’t already been done.

The other issue I had was, because I’m incompetent I kept dying every few seconds and that causes the music to cut to another sample making it difficult to capture a continuous segment.

At one point I decided to have a go anyway, although then the tool I use to cut video, Avidemux, wouldn’t preview it without garbling the sound, so I couldn’t tell what I was listening to anyway.

In the end the ingenious solution I devised was to give up entirely and just use neatly packaged, vaguely relevant MP3s in the hope that no-one would notice. Only they did. Doh!

Later it dawned on me that the game allows you to disable the sound effects so it’s possible to capture just the music. That is providing you can survive a relentless battering from the enemies for long enough.

So I played again with the sound effects off and for a flash in the pan moment actually reached the teddy boss that appears after stage 4. The upshot is that I’ve now been able to convert it to audio and put together a proper soundtrack comparison video, which if you hadn’t already guessed is what you’re watching now. You can put your rocket science certificates away, there are no prizes up for grabs, sorry.

Just call me the funk soul brother and check it out now. Right about now, the funk soul brother, etc. etc.

As mentioned in the original video, Banana Islands includes a remix of the Rainbow Islands theme tune. Take it away Charlie (that’s what I’ve christened the starring chimp in case you were wondering).

When not being serenaded by a reinterpretation of Over the Rainbow we’re treated to an easily identifiable rendition of the Red Dwarf theme tune. Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast…

Banana Islands’ opening title music is a fairly well-disguised twist on the Rock ‘n’ Roll track featured in Infogrames’ top-down puzzler, Jumping Jack’Son. Interestingly the aurally ransacked game is a ransacker itself. Jumping Jack’Son’s title music is a remix of Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones.

Next up pop-pickers, we have an instrumental version of the Inspector Gadget theme tune. Go-go-gadget record spinner…

If you’re more of a traditionalist you might prefer bopping along to the popular Christian hymn, Morning Has Broken, first published in 1931 and covered by Cat Stevens in 1971. May the lord walk with you, brother. Oh yeah.

The game’s author, Alaister Murray, must have run out of remixes at some point and so opted to plug the gaps with original music… or at least tracks I don’t recognise. Feel free to enlighten me. In the intro to Kill ‘Em All – another one of Alaister’s parody projects – he assigns credit for the music to ‘question mark, but thanks’ so I get the impression music choices boiled down to whatever was on his hard drive at the time and sounded appropriate.

Musical misdemeanours redeemed I’ll bid you adieu and split. Thanks for watching, and remember kids… keep it ‘nanas! I know, I’m such a smoothie! That’s all part of my a-peel.

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