The preloved Christmas Schnauzendar

It’s that magical time of year again. No, not Christmas, re-gifting the Everything Amiga mega-quiz that featured in the Amigos 2017 Christmas spectacular episode, and just so happened to coincide with the winter solstice.

This time round it was a mixture of Chrimbo-infused pictures, text questions and a music video, with the 24 answers revealed by clicking on the correspondingly numbered window in an advent calendar, one for each day of the run-up to the big event. ‘Twas the season after all.

In case you missed it first time around, your challenge with regards to the pictures is to look at the montage of images and use the clues to guess which Amiga developer and/or publisher they allude to.

The pictures relate to the odd numbers, and the text questions the evens. It would have made sense to stick a number on the pictures too, obviously, but… but… Look! A three-headed reindeer!

2. Identify the stunted Amiga game character whose music includes a sample from the 1968 single ‘Captain of Your Ship’ by American girl group, Reparata and the Delrons. Here’s the video to jog your memory.

4. In which pun-y SNES/Mega Drive Yuletide game does Santa do a Jekyll and Hyde impersonation if he gives in to his caffeine cravings?

6. Name what is probably the only non-Christmas game (demo) that states the fact in the title, and was released in February to prove it.

8. In later re-released editions of which game were the birds in distress replaced with elves for licensing reasons?

10. One Bullfrog developed Amiga game stars a mentally deranged popular festive figure. What’s it called?

12. Name the Andrew Braybrook Amiga game that was plugged in the finale of the Fire & Ice Christmas demo.

14. Which festive Amiga game spin-off features springing into a Christmas pudding as a way to complete the levels?

16. ‘Deck the Halls’ with a brief quirky key change plays throughout which Christmas themed Amiga game?

18. In which PD Amiga game does the jolly red-bearded one take to the skies with a helium balloon armed with a machine gun? I didn’t dream this, honest.

20. An Amiga PD football game exists that has a Christmas related title without having anything to do with the holiday season. Bet you can’t name it. I double-dare you to have a go.

22. Which furry cartoon character co-starred in his own Christmas themed educational Amiga game alongside the nice chap who delivers all the goodies?

24. If Robotron was treated to a Christmasy regal revamp and it was given away as a yuletide cover disk it would look a lot like this. More of a statement than a question, but I’m sure you know how this works by now. 😉

I hope everyone who played along and won has received their prize by now. How did the rest of you do?

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