You’re not the game you think you are

After listening to the Top Banana episode I’m in the mood for recycling, so here’s another quiz of shows past, now in blog format for your brain-teasing delight and delectation. This one featured on the fantastic 100th Amigos Podcast episode super-special edition live stream spectacular… erm, thingy, which is still worth a watch even if you were there in person… er, remotely, thanks to the gift of interweb-y voodoo.

The challenge…

a) Ignore the largely irrelevant cameo shown in the screenshot and name the Amiga game he/she/it appears in. It’s a spin-off of the ‘Stroop test‘ if you’re familiar with the psychological assessment method.

b) Alternatively, name the copycat game depicted.

…for bonus points name the ‘Boinged-up’ game shown in the cut-outs.

If you open up the images in a new window you’ll see that the file names are numbers that correspond to the answers that follow below. In any case I’ll post them in the right order because that’s how logic works, so I’m told.





















Is that your final answer?

Resisting the urge to resuscitate another party piece – my Chris Tarrant impression – the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

  • 01. Alien Bash II, Battle Command & Curse of Enchantia
  • 02. Alienstorm
  • 03. Belial
  • 04. Benefactor
  • 05. Captain Planet And The Planeteers & Black Shadow
  • 06. Cyberpunks & Turrican III
  • 07. Defender of the Crown (the focus of Amigos episode 20)

The DOS, NES, Atari ST, Spectrum, Amstrad, C64, and Mac port of this game share Dizzy’s anniversary… giving me the perfect excuse to make this mega-pretty 30th-anniversary celebration emblem relevant.

  • 08. Fire & Brimstone & Base Jumpers
  • 09. Football Glory
  • 10. Fury of the Furries (see Amigos episode 111)
  • 11. Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis

Anyone outside the UK should Google ‘Catchphrase’, ‘Roy Walker’ or ‘Mr Chips’… not that it would have helped you to guess the name of the game in any way.

  • 12. Katakis & Fatman

Marty McFly is there to plug a gap in the Photoshop-screw-up continuum. He’s not relevant otherwise. 😀

  • 13. King’s Quest II
  • 14. Marvin’s Marvellous Adventure

John and Aaron covered this one in episode 90. It was aimed at young kids so quite a Push-Over really.

Edd the Duck never needs an excuse to gatecrash the party!

  • 15. Premiere
  • 16. Switchblade II
  • 17. Tusker
  • 18. Virocop
  • 19. Wings of Death

Name the band and you’re halfway there!

  • 20. Wiz ‘n’ Liz (which was treated to a walk-through by our very own Brutal Barracuda in Nostalgic Nonsense episode 4)

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