It’s beginning to book a lot like Christmas, Amigas in ev’ry store

Ridiculous esoteric title chosen, cheesy cover in place, let me introduce the Everything Amiga book of the blog! Nearly two years in the making and a couple of months in my assembly workshop, it’s finally landed; the tome four and a bit (albeit clinically insane) people suggested might be worth a shot.

Without a whiff of sarcasm in the air (ha-de-ha-ha), its production went 100% according to plan and compiling 218 articles into a single PDF was an absolute breeze. Why did I ever imagine up-scaling chunky pixel art graphics using anything other than even integers would be a good idea? Hmmph. My next project will be titled, ‘The dos and don’ts of blog to ebook conversion’. I could write a whole book on the subject! What a stocking filler that would be.

I’ve added new graphics and collages, cleaned up and enhanced old ones, replaced any murky scanned articles with crystal clear OCRed text and massaged my entire works into a format our fickle conversion software can chew on without choking and falling over on its back. Something that nearing the end it had down to a fine art! JTITTD (catchy, eh!) amounts to 441,756 words spread across 3,348 pages – only 13,369 words shy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy – so that ought to have the trees quaking in their roots!

The result is available as ‘donationware’ with all proceeds channelled towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as with this year’s Amigathon which raised £714. Below you will find a link to download my ‘wittertainment’ doorstop (please don’t sue me Mayo and Kermode, it’s for charity), right away and then pledge as little or as much as you can afford whenever it’s convenient. The file is 640 smegabytes in bigitude so hopefully you’ve got something more powerful than a Nokia 6210 on which to read it! I don’t do compression, I’m a hi-fi guy – this is a grainy JPG free zone.

That said, I’ll confess now, stylistically it’s hardly up to the standard of Neil ‘Kickstart‘ Mansell. My offering is basic text with pictures on a white background. Think of it as an imageless novel and then all the pixel art, movie stills and whatnot will strike you as a pleasant bonus surprise. Luckily the text is of Pulitzer Prize-winning quality, eh … I’m assured the trophy is in the mail. 😉

So there you have it, that’s my not-so-little booky-wook wot I done rote all on my lonesome. I’ve worked my ickle fingers to the bone on this, literally-metaphorically-for-realsies, so let’s make it count for something please awesome Amiga peeps!

Which reminds me…

“Make-A-Wish UK grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Granting their wish provides seriously ill children with hope for the future, strength to cope and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and given the chance to make magical memories they can treasure forever – whatever their future may hold. We want to transform the lives of 1,000 children this year by granting their One True Wish!”

Just Throw It To The Ducks
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