Make A Wish: The Aftermath!

Are you diggin’ the epic drama yet?, or do I need to draft in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra? Oh that’s good because I believe they’re a bit tied up in Spain at the moment.

Battles fought and won, now the House Amiga has ceased smoking and the dust has settled, with the pennies counted, the results are in! John and Aaron’s crazy 43,200 second Amigathon went down a storm thanks to their meticulous preparation, and was also a roaring success in financial terms – a whopping £x.xx (I’m building up to the final figure for theatrical effect, please pretend you don’t already know) will be winging its way to the Make A Wish Foundation very shortly, where it will be put to excellent use making the fleeting lives of chronically sick children as happy as humanly possible.

Of course none of it would have been possible without the dedicated support of all you wonderful, exceptionally generous Amiga nerds out there. You made this happen so feel free to stop for a minute to look in the mirror and feel proper chuffed with yourselves. To everyone who watched, participated, spread the word or donated, thank you! Miner bless you, one and all! 😉

In fact, more specifically let’s ‘Hall of Fame’ all 41 good Samaritans for posterity…

Erik Sundstrom, Kim Tommy Humborstad, Duncan Styles, Tony Day, Jonas Rullo, Lori Halstead, Gary Hucker, Kevin, Adam Battersby, Pixels At Dawn, Scottyboy, Paul Kitching, Mike and Sally Shawler, Darren Coles, Theresa Racer, Mik Shinn, Modern Vintage Gamer, Terri Howard, Steve Legg, Anonymous, Steve Rasmussen, Retro Hour Podcast, Philip aka Pishbot, Chris Foulds, John Marshall, John Norris, Eip Shawler, Anthony Jarvis, Alan Kebab, Robert Leffmann, Jarlath, Will Williams, Erlend Dal Sakshaug, Graham Wobcke, Graham Wobcke (yep again), Darren Hall, Duncan Styles, Chris Foulds (again, not a typo), Jason Warnes, Paul Harrington, Paul Harrington (double trouble!).

And now for the moment I’ve been looking forward to since the donations started flooding in; it’s time to push the most satisfying web page button I’ve ever had the pleasure to push…

…oh, the money is transferred automatically, I don’t have to do anything at all. Well that was an anti-climax. Not to worry, you raised £715 and that’s awesome however you cut it. Congratulations guys!

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