We have all the time in the world

Your internet service is down, your computer is hit by a meteorite and your phone was last sighted trotting off into the sunset in an Amish pony and trap. What do you do? All that boring housework you’ve been putting off for months? A spot of gardening? Come on, be serious. Let’s go crafting… Amiga style.

What with analogue clocks being a relic of the past and fewer people even wearing wristwatches these days, what better time to cobble together some game (and non-game) themed old school tickers? Because, erm, time is precious?











…and now for something completely different; an ultra-rare, two disk, limited edition release of Robocod mounted on a fragment of A500 motherboard. Again because… just because.

2 thoughts on “We have all the time in the world

  • August 2, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Did you do all of these, DK? If so, you need to open an Etsy shop post haste!

  • August 2, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Yep, I went through a phase about a year ago when I got a real buzz out of designing new ones and seeing the finished article. It’s pretty easy – you just need a decoupage/box frame, a drill, and clock mechanism, and to remember to use an app capable of printing to specific measurements like Irfanview or MS Word (using text boxes and filled backdrops).

    I sold a few through eBay, but there was very little interest in these ones. Some I ended up letting go at cost price or giving away as presents to make sure they went to a good home. Others I had to dismantle and re-purpose to be used for more popular designs. I had an Etsy store for ages and didn’t sell a single item.

    One thing I learnt was that it’s pointless to create anything based on franchises that are already well catered for with official merchandise e.g. Star Wars and The Simpsons. That should really have been obvious from the start, except I got caught up in the moment trying to be creative and became more focused on what I could make than what would sell. That said, swing too far the other way – basing designs on niche franchises and no-one’s interested in those either. Still, it was all good fun.

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