Amigathon 2017 is coming! The Wishgates are now open!

Starting on 7th August we’ll be staging a week-long charity fundraising event in honour of the Make a Wish Foundation, inspired by the poignant story shared by Colin Proudfoot during the Amiga’s 30th birthday conference in California.

But you already knew that. What you might not be aware of is that on Saturday 12th August beginning at 10am eastern time John and Aaron will be hosting a sponsored 12 hour live YouTube Amigathon! That’s not a typo, I did say 12 hours. Twelve!

Wait, there’s more! For every £1 donated to the cause through the official Everything Amiga Just Giving page, the dynamic duo of dubious sanity will play a minute of an Amiga game of your choice. Nominations are being taken right now, and the slots are already starting to fill up thanks to the extremely generous donations of our awesome supporters. To view the current roster you can check out John’s shared Google Doc, which should help you to avoid making duplicate suggestions… unless you really want to, then who are we to stop you?

Of course we’d love it if you could join us regardless of whether or not you are able to donate. This isn’t a pay to view event. Even if you can only spread the word, you’re helping to support Make a Wish Week, pronounced ‘MAWW’ with a dramatic growl like the RAW wrestling promoters… just to prove we mean business. Really, who writes this stuff?

I’d suggest marking the date in your diaries, but better still, why not subscribe to the Amigos Retro Gaming YouTube channel? If you remember to click on the bell icon next to the subscribe button you’ll be notified of new video uploads, as well as when any live events get underway.

As for the Why? The Make a Wish Foundation has been granting the dying wishes of terminally ill children in 46 countries around the globe for 37 years. If we can do our little bit to ensure that they have the funds to continue to do so, we’re in!

A final sobering thought I’d like to leave you with, Justin Bieber (yes, that one) has been involved in granting over 250 wishes to fans suffering from life-threatening medical conditions, demonstrating that contrary to popular belief, he’s not a complete monster! Makes you think, doesn’t it?

…and a final-final thought before I go, Aira Force Cumbria, in case you were wondering. I couldn’t stop humming the forest theme tune when I visited in April this year. There’s a stunning 720-metre waterfall right around that next corner. OK, as you were.

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