Commodore: the director’s (un)cut – David Pleasance to tell it like it is in revelatory new book

When the former MD and public face of Commodore announces he intends to write an unfettered book, lifting the lid on his 12-year labour of love with the hapless company, people sit up and listen.

Some of them chase him down the street waving a list of follow-up questions (maintaining the utmost decorum at all times of course), and the answers somehow end up online. I’ll leave you to guess what follows…

Q. I suspect you’ve been toying with the idea to write a book based on your experiences working at Commodore for a good while now. What made you decide now’s the right time?

I have over the last 18 months seen many of my music icons pass away and most of them were my sort of age. If I do not write my book now I may not be around to write it later.

Q. Have you settled upon a name for it?

Not yet – still trying to think of a good title.

Q. Do you believe the filmed and written history of Commodore aired so far has been an accurate portrayal of events? If not, is it your intention to set the record straight by revealing the truth?

It is a bit of both really, though I absolutely know that nothing so far published or released is representative of the European market. I am astounded that anything published so far has been based mostly on the USA (the exception is Bedrooms to Billions “The Amiga Years” which does* include Europe). However, I will tell the many inside stories that nobody has ever divulged. I was with Commodore 12 years serving in the UK – Internationally – 37 export countries – USA and back to UK as MD and I will tell the truth about ALL of the things that occurred.

Q. How do you feel about outsiders such as Kim Justice and Peter Leigh (the Nostalgia Nerd) producing YouTube documentaries on the subject? Are their sources (i.e. the material freely available on the web) reliable enough to give a true reflection?

They all have a right to do what they want – some information comes from me, but there is much no one else knows.

Q. The way certain aspects of the saga have been depicted in biographies and documentaries seems to conflict. Why do you think the water has become so muddy? Is it a deliberate attempt to skew the truth?

I will ONLY be telling what is factual – any other version you can be assured is fiction.

Q. Will you be writing your book as a solo project, or as a collaboration with other key players in the Commodore story?

I will have some of my colleagues from either Commodore or the companies that were involved in the story comment with their perspective – which will also corroborate my version.

Q. Will you be working with a biographer?

No – I plan to do it on my own, unless I find it too difficult.

Q. Are you planning to crowdfund the project, or go down the more traditional publication route?

Yes, I will instigate a “Kickstarter” for the project, because I have no intention of doing all the work only to find nobody is interested. However, all the feedback I have had so far is incredibly encouraging and positive in favour of doing it.

Q. Have you thought about what sort of bonuses you may offer to backers of the Kickstarter campaign?

I will have one or two bonuses for certain – but I honestly believe real Amiga fans just want the truth and I am absolutely not going to waste time and money on cheap novelty gimmicks like beer mats and bookmarks etc.

Q. Will your perspective be a ‘no holds barred’ account? If so, how do you plan to head off any legal ramifications that may ensue?

Definitely NO HOLDS BARRED and I’m not nervous about any legal issues because the truth always prevails.

Q. Do you propose to approach anyone discussed beforehand to give them the right to reply, or will you deal with any backlash later?

I do not plan to approach anybody about me revealing facts which are not defendable.

Q. Do you have incontrovertible proof that would finally convince Petro’s fans he’s not who they think he is?

I will relate the story of Petro’s incompetence re: inventory management, however, frankly I do not care if he has fans that think he is a hero – I and many others know the truth.

Q. Do you have a time-frame in mind for the book’s release?

I am going to try (remember I have never done anything like this before) to have the book ready for launch at Xmas.


Thank you very much for your time, David. We wish you the best of luck with your forthcoming book – we’re sure it will be a big hit amongst Commodore fans and historians alike, and look forward to following your progress with regards to the latest venture as well as FriendUP.

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