The Amiga Remakes Database celebrates its first decade!

It dawned on me today that I started this project way back in 2006, and then by a stroke of genius that even Einstein would be impressed by, I calculated (in my head no less!) that this makes it a whopping ten years old!

Then I pondered, wouldn’t it be cool if the actual anniversary date hadn’t yet passed, I could announce it here and it would be a splendiferously dramatic jubilant event? Bad luck; it was 29th March. Oh well, sometimes you’re the statue…

Anyway, The Amiga Remakes Database (or ‘TARD to be politically incorrect and offensive no doubt), does precisely what it says on the tin. It’s a searchable resource listing nearly 1400 amiga game remake entries, some of which are pixel perfect homages by their original authors, others only approximations, spin-offs or creations inspired┬áby Amiga games, and largely developed by fans.

It’s an ever-evolving list which I try to check for dead links a couple of times a year, though some will inevitably slip through the net because I use automated bot tools. If you spot any I’ve missed, or find any errors or omissions you’d like me to fix, please feel free to point them out to help me improve the accuracy of the data.

Is there anything you’d do differently? Has the whole thing been a ludicrous waste of time and effort? Do you know of any games you feel should be listed that currently aren’t? That’s what the comments are for. Thanking you muchly.

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