Amiga globetrotting

Wouldn’t it be nifty if you could see in an instant how many currently active Amigas there are left on this depressingly Windows-tinted planet of ours? If you could then break down that information by country and model and present it in an aesthetically pleasing, easy to interpret fashion, that would be the icing on an already delicious cake, would it not?

Surprise! The Amigamap, emanating from a brainwave over at the A1k Amiga and Phoenix Community, and deftly implemented by maw2k, has been kicking around the web since 4th November 2011. Thus far, 1619 users have contributed a grand total of 5718 entries into the database. 

The data is represented through a mixture of bar charts and a pin map of the globe, and navigated via a gracefully simulated Workbench operating system that runs in your browser.

From the reams of statistics available we can establish the following intriguing facts:-

The Amiga is most popular in Germany where there exists 1278 operating Amigas, not so closely followed by Italy which is home to 501, Great Britain offering sanctuary to 450 of the endangered species, Poland nurturing 372, and France clocking in with a respectable 370 alive and kicking units. The US claims sixth place with a dismal (taking population size into account) 275 reports. Shame on you!

The most prolific Amiga model is the A1200, racking up a total of 1407 working units dotted around the world. Next in line is the A500 with a score of 959, followed by the A600 with a healthy 525 entries, and the pinnacle of the classic line, the A4000 gaining ground with a tidy sum of 438.

If your treasured Amiga is still breathing, and you haven’t already done so, make sure you declare it by sticking your pin in the Amiga map. Let’s see how far we can boost those totals!

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