Team 17: the untold(ish) story

You may recall that a few weeks back, the popular press reported that Team 17 founder, Debbie Bestwick, had been acknowledged as a ‘Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a grade within the British order of chivalry’ (thanks Wikipedia).

This out-of-the-blue news left a swathe of gamers – who would otherwise consider themselves to be Team 17 and Worms followers – asking themselves the question, Debbie who? We’re all familiar with the voice, face and uncontested Daddy of Team 17, Martyn Brown, yet far fewer people – including moora of the rllmuk forums – had ever heard of Debbie.

The instantly recognisable, original logo from the developer’s Amiga days.


A few exchanges back and forth between forum members later, and who should emerge out of the woodwork to elucidate the situation? None other than games industry celeb, Martyn himself. In the thread he lays bare in considerable depth the inside story of the company he founded 30 years ago (along with Debbie Bestwick apparently).

  • Services to the computer games industry recognised? Check!
  • History books corrected? Check!

Here’s where it all began in a pokey office poised above a stinky amusement arcade, located in a Wakefield backstreet when the Team (all 17 of them) were known as 17-Bit Software and kept the wolf from the door cataloguing and distributing PD goodies.

The offices are now home to Protex Security UK Limited, Cap Care, and Wakefield Council (who are ‘working for you’ by all accounts).

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