Oceans apart part deux (de trois subject to arrest)

As promised, today I returned to the former Ocean Software HQ based in Manchester’s Quaker Friends’ Meeting House to pap its inner sanctum.

Eschewing all concern for my personal safety I managed to breach the building’s sophisticated security protocols through a combination of social engineering, misdirection and a crowbar …oh and a spot of cold-blooded murder. I know Quakers are pacifists, but sometimes you’ve just got to live a little, and keep your mind open to new experiences.

Fear not, I wore a prosthetic, dual-sided Aaron and John face mask so as to evade capture should I be caught on any CCTV cameras.

My glamorous assistant, Gizmo, demonstrates how to get there.


The ground floor atrium leading to the lower conference rooms and main hall. Note the fancy fairy cakes Рthey must have been expecting me.


Not all the gravestones were buried under concrete to make way for the car park. These remnants can be found above the Bootle Street entrance to the side of the building. No-one was home.


The former office of Ocean co-founder, Dave Ward, and what would have been his view of Mount Street and the Central Library across the street. This is the precise spot where he offered me a million-dollar contract to produce my gaming magnum opus. I had to play both parts and I was 23 years too late, but still.


Left: the Central Street developer’s entrance.
Centre: The door they would have used to reach the ‘dungeons’. No idea what that sign means.
Right: The corridor leading to the ‘dungeons’ from the Bootle Street entrance.

I’m saving the best until last, and another day. To be continued…

One thought on “Oceans apart part deux (de trois subject to arrest)

  • May 25, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Fantastic work! Although someone with an Interpol badge keeps knocking on my door. I'll ignore it.

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