HUDson Baulk

Writing my bottom 10 list of games featuring criminally gargantuan HUDs, I Googled the heck out of the topic and found naff all. My problem was not knowing the keywords people might use to describe all those ridiculous, screen real estate hijacking gizmos and wotsits. Had I guessed that ‘status panels’ might be among them, I would have stumbled across this post over on the English Amiga Board and my task would have been a whole lot easier.

Collectively, the wily EABers (EABtonians?) laid this one to rest 4 years ago and unearthed some even more extreme examples than I did, if you can believe that! They even went so far as to calculate the exact measurements in pixels of the area occupied by the dwarfed playfields, allowing them to definitively and scientifically state which games ‘take the biscuit’ and should be buried at sea, never to be spoken of again. If only I’d thought of that; they put my geek credentials in the shade. If Blogger included the ‘I’m not worthy, sink to the knees and worship’ smiley, you can be sure it would be inserted here.

After much foraging and boffinesque analysis on their part, the top (or bottom) three are as follows…

3. Gunboat (272×68) – 2. First Person Pinball (152×95) – 1. Skarbnik (144×100)


Special thanks go to ‘discomeat‘ for the adjudication and calculations. It’s a shame his spreadsheet has since been lost in 404land.

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