Coming soon: the Amigos Retro Geek Gear Box Loot Crate

Very shortly you lucky listeners will have the unique opportunity to purchase a hand-selected assortment of Amiga retro gaming related collectables such as crocheted Amiga characters, bead art, Lego dioramas of famous game scenarios, key-rings, badges, t-shirts and so on. All officially endorsed by your favourite Amigos.

African orphans enjoying their complimentary, prototype retro crates. Note the beaming smile Рwe put that there proving this is a genuine offer.

The icing on the cake will be high fidelity FLAC versions of the podcasts, complete with director’s commentary, and Ludovico style, speculas to accompany my RetroWaffle game reviews.

Plus. PLUS!!! The first three early adopters will receive exclusive, signed, John and Aaron glow in the dark Funko Pop Vinyl Bobbleheads, and a first edition Coleco Chameleon console (subject to availability). A Bobblehead featuring yours truly doesn’t exist for anonymity reasons, so I’ll be signing and donating a bust of The Stig.

This tricked out shoebox-sized manna from heaven will be shipping in early June, so don’t delay, subscribe today!

Yours for an entirely reasonable $299 per month!

You’d be a fool to miss out!

2 thoughts on “Coming soon: the Amigos Retro Geek Gear Box Loot Crate

  • April 2, 2016 at 12:20 am

    Ha! Consider my tongue well and truly twisted.

    You know in hindsight I think it might have been a mistake to post this on April fool's day. People seem to have dismissed it as some kind of a joke.

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