Skidmarks Racer ‘diska-zine’

In episode 34 John and Aaron covered the top-down racing game Super Skidmarks (aka Skidmarks 2), and through their research for the show discovered that the publisher, Acid, intended to distribute a regular accompanying disk-based magazine that would be issued to anyone who had purchased the original game, all for the price of a stamp.

The manual teased that the first release would be sent out in June 1995 and include new tracks, software updates and competitions.


Subscribe to the SkidMarks Racer Magazine

Publishing our own magazine will enable us to release new tracks and better versions of upgrades, run competitions and most of all keep in touch with all you SkidMarks racers. Send the enclosed registration card in today!

All being well the first issue of SkidMarks Racer will be mailed first week of June and we plan to include the following:

Colouring Competition

Two new tracks will be included in issue one of SkidMarks racer. Your job will be to add the trackside detail using your favourite Amiga paint program.

Car Modelling Competition

After the success of the “Imagine Build my Hot Rod Competition” in Amiga Format last year we want to do it all again. This time however we will be expecting the entries to be “race ready” using the Imagine2 SkidMarks converter included on Super SkidMark’s cover disk.

Full HD installation Utility

Subscribers to SkidMarks Racer will at some time also receive a utility to install the 4 SkidMarks track disks on their hard disk.

GrandPrix License

All those who fill in the GrandPrix registration section will be listed in the magazine. We’ll encourage everyone to contact others in their area to organise race meetings at a local venue and/or run tournaments using a BBS to schedule playoffs.

An extract from the game’s manual detailing what would be included on the disk.

At the time we were wondering if this ever happened, or if it was merely a flash in the pan idea that went nowhere.

Well now I have the answer, and it’s ‘yes-ish’… to the former I should add.

The one and only issue of the magazine was made available in August 1995, and the ADF floppy image of it can still be found online labelled ‘SkidMarks – Racer Disk Issue 1 (1995-08)(Acid)(h SKR)(addons).adf’.

Judging by some of the comments on the English Amiga Board and Lemon Amiga forum though, it doesn’t appear that anyone has actually managed to get it running because it needs to patch a specific version of the original program disk, which has since been updated and is no longer available.

Lemon Amiga forum member, MartinUK, shares that he was one of the 3500 people who purchased the game and sent in his registration card to receive the bonus disk, however, what he actually received in the post was the full release of Super League Manager developed by Audiogenic Software. Oops!

The only connection appears to be that Codemasters – who published Super Skidmarks – went on to swallow up Audiogenic Software in 1997.

Several of the original disks have been found in the wild and sold on eBay. One collection in particular was listed by a seller based in Bury St. Edmunds, UK, and sold for a whopping £4.20 in January 2016.


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