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    Hi all,

    I once entered and won an Amiga Format Art competition in about 1990/91 . (yay me).

    The comp was to win a copy of Deluxe Paint IV and a Poster of my art. Neither arrived.

    My problem is that shortly afterwards my disk corrupted and I lost one of my two submissions. IIRC, I won first and second place but didn’t get the magazine I can’t be sure of that.

    I Would love to know which magazine it ran in and if a copy of the cover disk exists with my art on it.

    I’ve attached two images, one is the actual image that won, the second is the art I shamelessly ripped off for my second image… the missing one.

    In my version, there is no octopus and the background is pink.

    CAN YOU HELP? pretty please..?

    many thanks in advance.


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